We're creating opportunities for lgbt+ dog lovers to connect.

Dudes With Dogs®

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Aren't you ready to connect?

I'm Chris Rolczynski, a gay dog dad living in the Seattle area. After getting my dog Frankie 7 years ago, I quickly realized two things. That

1) dogs are super special to lgbt+ people, and 

2) dogs make it easier for us to connect as humans.

Well, I took these concepts and ran with them! And for more than five years have worked to bring Dudes With Dogs®' message of authenticity and inclusion to 70,000 on Facebook and 36,000 on Instagram.

But here's the thing. Although those platforms are good places to share, they're simply not designed to help you connect with real people near you.

That's why we're also adopting the Mighty Networks platform. Because even though digital communities are great, the warm fuzzies you get from distant strangers aren't going to meet up with you at the dog park, or watch your dog when you go away for the weekend, or keep you warm at night.

Only IRL connections do that. So how about we work on that?

What you'll get

A community of DWDs who are open to connections.

Software that encourages you to connect with features like Members Near You.

The ability to tailor your experience with Discovery, Topics, and Interests.

And as our network grows, Cities, Directories, and Meetups.

What you won't

No ads.

No distractions.

No loss of privacy.

No algorithms that decide your experience for you.

What it costs

$5.99/month or $49.99/year

(with a portion benefiting ASPCA)

However, as a thank you to our current Founder's Club members, Dudes With Dogs® PLUS members, Facebook Group members, and Instagram followers, during our Launch Phase,* you can become an early adopter and lock in your forever rate for just $1.99/month or $21.99/year!

So what are you waiting for?


* Launch Phase will end when we reach 1000 members or sooner.

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